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exceptional bathrooms



A multitude of possibilities, combining woods, metals and marbles. Ergonomic and geometric spaces are created using ceramic expertise and manufacturing precision.


Eclectic Bathroom Silhouettes

The symbiosis of elegance and functionality. The ELIE SAAB furniture range is designed to create an aesthetic balance to the bathroom design, with its distinctive yet subtle appeal.

Bathing Tub

Bathe in Grandeur

The purest form in every bathroom. ELIE SAAB’s attention to detail translated to seamless shapes and contemporary gold finish creating a new interpretation of luxurious well-being. ELIE SAAB’s free standing bathtub defines a new personality of bathroom experience.

Shades of Luxury


Enchanting Reflections

An intriguing bathroom accent. Beautifully proportioned dimensions that reflect modern day luxury living, ELIE SAAB Mirror Collection dramatically expands the horizon with a combination of depth, light and dazzle.

Light Features

Turn On Demister

Change Vanity light

Change Ambient light


Game of Volumes

The sensual tranquility of bathroom’s protagonist. The finesse curves and exquisite structure of ELIE SAAB’s Washbasin collection is the embodiment of modern sophistication, creating a haven of comfort.

Refinement in every touch

Sculpted lines and refined details that leaves a remarkable impression, the soul of ELIE SAAB’s Faucet Collection. It artfully combines comfort and aesthetic elegance in the bathroom.

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