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With its stunning and sophisticated onyx, rosewood and dark marble finishes, the ELIE SAAB Glamour collection makes a stylish fashion statement in any room.The choice of precious materials, such as onyx, rosewood and dark marble, signature decorations, bathroom fixtures and bath furnishings with clean and minimal lines identify this collection.

A Jewelled Masterpiece

Embellished with fine diamonds, this extraordinary piece is made to stand out in any living space. An exclusive beauty that exudes a character of elegance – bearing the emblem of Elie Saab.

Colors, Surface finishes and Formats

Formats (CM)

135X305, 120X280, 120X120, 60X120, 12X60


Black Cafe, Palissandro, White Onyx



Glamour Black Cafe

120X280CM, 135X305CM, 60X120CM

Glamour Palissandro

120X280CM, 60X120CM

Glamour White Onyx Decor

120X120CM, 120X280CM, 60X120CM

Glamour White Onyx Decor


Glamour White Onyx Listello 1


Glamour White Onyx Listello 2


Glamour White Onyx

120X120CM, 120X280CM, 60X120CM

Metal Monogram With Real Diamond

30 cm Diameter

Elegance Pink Geo Decor